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The Perfect Cup

It is a little known fact that Sir Isaac Newton was a great coffee lover whose early work helped us understand how to brew a great cup of coffee. 
Newton's 1st Law "Java"ty:

This equation states that if you take 2 tablespoons of junk coffee and add boiling water with a brewing device you will wind up with a cup of brewed junk coffee. Making a great cup of coffee isn't rocket science, but you must start with the “right stuff” . 


First, you need to have great, fresh roasted coffee. No need to tell you where to get that. Use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee or 1 standard coffee measure for 6 oz of water. If you want to appreciate the full flavor of coffee, you should use that amount and no less.


Coffee is 99% water. Good clean water is a must. The natural minerals in water are important to the taste, so don't use softened or distilled water. The result will be flat coffee. 

We strongly suggest you grind your own coffee just before you brew it. We will, of course, grind our coffee for you. Ground coffee has a much greater surface which, when exposed to air, causes the coffee to become stale. Grinding coffee permits the hot water to extract the flavor elements from the coffee. Grind the coffee as fine as you can without clogging your filter paper or leaving excessive sediment if you use a gold filter.

Grinding devices vary from the old-style hand grinders, which do a fine job and can be worked into your fitness program. Electric grinders fall into 2 categories-the inexpensive blade grinders that cost $10-$12 or the more expensive burr grinders. The blade grinders do an adequate job with some minor loss in consistency from one grind to the other. This is not a problem for the burr grinders, but they are more expensive and sometimes more noisy. This may help wake you up in the morning if the coffee, itself, doesn't.

Buy enough coffee to last you only 3-4 weeks. After this time, you'll lose much of the freshly roasted coffee magic. Store 1 week's worth of whole beans in airtight containers, and freeze the remaining beans for future use.

There is no one best method. Use the brewing method you feel most comfortable with, whether its automatic drip, french press, or fancy espresso maker. Most people use a coffeemaker which will heat the water to about the correct temperature. If you use a manual method, bring the water to a boil, wait 1 minute, and, then, pour the water. 


Newton's 2nd Law "Java"ty:


2 tablespoons of Black Bayou Coffee plus 6 oz of good quality water at the proper temperature with a brewing device = one great cup of coffee!


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